Whistle-blower points to home inspection shortcomings

Bruce McClure is a registered home inspector in Kitchener, Ont. with 15 years of experience under his belt. In a new book entitled Buy or Run: I’m a Real Home Inspector, Not a TV Celebrity, he pulls no punches in addressing some of the major issues affecting the home inspection industry.

“The number one issue is the fact that the Realtors are running the industry,” McClure said in an exclusive interview with CREW Online.

In an industry rife with competition, real estate agents are driven to complete sales and stay ahead of the pack. But if the inspector they hire doesn’t toe the party line, they are not afraid to drop them without a moment’s notice.

“The real estate agents are the ones who have the first line of contact with the clients, and in a large percentage of the cases, they’re concerned about home inspectors that will turn a blind eye to things in order to protect their sale,” says McClure. “And the home inspector knows that if he blows a couple of deals, they’re going to put him aside and go with another inspector.”

One of the other issues inspectors face is qualifications. Many inspectors may claim they are qualified for the job, but without licensing requirements that can be hard to qualify. While Alberta and B.C. have licensing,Ontario has now formed a committee to ensure that inspectors receive the proper qualifications before entering the market. McClure is hopeful real change will result.

“The Ontario government’s Ministry of Consumer Services struck a committee to look into the licensing of home inspectors,” he said. “That committee has done their work, and will present their report tomorrow. They will then put the licensing in place.”


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