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Now’s the time to sell … specifically Friday

New research has singled out May 1 as the best day to sell a property, but don’t expect a cakewalk, warn experts.

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How will this building code revision impact investors?

A building code revision in Ontario now allows wood-frame construction for residential and mixed-use commercial buildings up to six storeys in height.

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Impact of Target closures on commercial real estate

It has been estimated that the sudden closure of Target’s Canadian stores will leave nearly 15 million square feet of retail space and five million square feet of office and industrial space vacant across Canada – but experts are not convin ...

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Is the time right for a move to commercial investment?

Have you ever thought of expanding your residential real estate portfolio to include commercial properties? Maybe now is the time to make the move.

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Commercial investment market to grow in 2015

For investors looking for money partners in the commercial space, 2015 could be the year to find your match, as a new report says an ‘unprecedented’ wave of investment capital is flowing into the sector across major Canadian markets.

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Why you should consider commercial investing?

Commercial real estate investing. This combination of words seems to always evoke a heady mixture of thoughts and emotions in my clients: attainable wealth, uncertainty, tentative excitement, fear, and an affluent retirement lifestyle. I wo ...

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Top tips for DIY sellers

Savvy investors are increasingly prepared to sell without the services of a Realtor as they consider unprecedented levels of demand for small multifamily properties, but they can't afford to go in blind.

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Property owners need to weather the storm

As devastating weather conditions set to become more common, property owners are being advised to take preventative measures to safeguard their homes. Claude Boiron, broker with Coldwell Banker Terrequity Realty, outlines some of the most i ...

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Scammers target private sellers

Selling your property privately online? You may want to check if someone else is also selling it, and at a huge discount to lure unsuspecting buyers.

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