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Hey You! Yes, you Mr./Ms. Realtor reading this article,

Did you know Canadian real estate has emerged as one of the best investments in the world? The statistics show every year more people are choosing to invest their money in a real physical asset (investment property) rather than leaving it in the stock market (mutual funds, GICs, bonds, etc.). That's so much so that a recent study reveals Canada is the leading country when it comes to people owning more than one property.

So with all these investment properties being purchased, what are YOU doing to take advantage of this massive opportunity?

How many investment properties have your purchased for yourself in the last 24 months? And how many have your bought/sold as an agent for your investor clients?

If you answered less than three for yourself and less that 12 for your clients then you need to mark November 5, 2014 on your calendar.

RealtorInvest, with Keynote Speaker Kevin O’Leary (from Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank), is coming to the Pearson Convention Center in Toronto!

This all-day, live training event is exactly what you need to expand your business and grow your wealth.

The training is broken down into two different sections. In the morning you will learn a proven and repeatable step-by-step system on how to find, evaluate, negotiate, and purchase cashflowing properties anywhere in Canada. Then in the afternoon you will be learning how to attract and develop investors for your business and more importantly, how to convert these investor leads, into sales!

Then Kevin O’Leary takes the stage to deliver his game-changing keynote presentation and is going to talk about:


His personal strategies that you can use to take business to the next level
   - focusing on building wealth instead of making money
   - how to pitch your services and your business

       - How to spot a winner and the anatomy of a perfect team

The O’Leary Fundamentals
     - How to build a solid foundation for your business


     - the five ‘must haves’ that you need to develop and perfect to increase your sales

Real estate investing is the absolute best way to grow your wealth, but as a Realtor investing in real estate and working with investors it also provides you with a fantastic opportunity to take your business to a whole new level

As such, I will be writing a two-part article series to share with you all the major reasons why you as an agent have to start investing in real estate and working with investors now.

In the first article, I am going to dig deep and explain to you all the unbelievable advantages realtors have when it comes to investing in real estate.

And in the second article, I will go into great detail to discuss the benefits working with real estate investors will have for your business.

Talk soon,

Kevin Mitchell

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