Four reasons realtors should invest in real estate

by CRE31 Oct 2014
By Kevin Mitchell

Have you signed up for RealtorInvest yet?!

The real estate agent event of the year, which takes place on November 5th at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton, features Kevin O’Leary as keynote speaker.

If you are looking to expand your business and grow your wealth, this event is exactly what you need to take things to the next level.

The training is broken down into two different sections. The morning session includes a proven step-by-step system on how to find, evaluate, negotiate and purchase cashflowing properties anywhere in Canada.  

The afternoon session will teach delegates how to attract and develop investors for their business and, more importantly, how to convert these investor leads into sales.

But first, in this article, I will discuss the four major reasons why, as a realtor, you’d be crazy not to be investing in real estate yourself.

1) Market Knowledge

Who knows your city’s real estate market better than you do? That’s right, no one.

You know the fair market value for properties and you know when the market is hot and cold. You intimately understand all the different areas and neighbourhoods in your city, which ones are up and coming and which ones to stay away from.

This market knowledge is invaluable when it comes to purchasing an investment property and it gives you a HUGE advantage as a real estate investor. Being able to identify an undervalued property in an up and coming neighbourhood is exactly how you are going to make big money investing in real estate.

2) Power Team

Every real estate investor needs a great power team for their property purchases to be successful. As a realtor, you are, once again, way ahead of the game. You already have existing relationships: your home inspector, lawyer, mortgage broker and so on. And there is a very good chance you have a handyman and some skilled tradesmen that you can refer your homeowner clients to.

Well, guess what? This team that you’ve assembled is invaluable to you as an investor as well. Instead of having to go out and build a team like most people have to do when they purchase an investment property, you can plug into what you have already built. And the great part is, if your team is not the strongest right now, it is just going to get better as you refine it as an investor, adding even more value to your existing homeowner clients.

3) Built-In Profits

As a realtor, you earn commissions every time you buy or sell a property, including your own. So while most investors have to rely solely on the profits that their property produces, you go into it knowing you are making money on the way in AND on the way out. These built-in profits make real estate investing an even more attractive option for you as a realtor.

4) Expanding Your Business

Once you understand the process of finding, evaluating, negotiating and purchasing investment properties, it becomes so much easier to help your clients do the same.

You know the entire process and you can now share your invaluable experience with your clients, using your step-by-step investment system to help them purchase awesome investment properties.

That is why RealtorInvest is such an incredible opportunity for you to expand your business and grow your wealth.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, DO IT NOW!

It might be easier to sit on your couch and make excuses for why you aren’t increasing your sales, but I urge you to stop making excuses and start taking action.

I hope to see you there.

By Kevin Mitchell

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