Winnipeg wins

Winnipeg is the vibrant capital of Manitoba located at the geographical centre of North America.

A mid-sized city of over 740,000 people, Winnipeg is where down-home friendly meets cosmopolitan flair. It is also one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada with some 100 languages represented in the region.

The city is also well known for its cultural achievements and flourishing arts scene. In addition to its cosmopolitan routes, Winnipeg is also community-oriented, renowned for residents who look out for one another, be them friend or stranger.

It evokes a warm welcoming to its visitors, which is why many come and end up staying. In fact, according to the City of Winnipeg, from now until 2030, population growth in the city is expected to average 1.1% per year and, moreover, Winnipeg is expected to attract an average of more than 8,700 net international migrants each year until 2030.

The increase in migration could be due to its central location. Manitoba is a resource-rich province of 1.2 million people bordered by Ontario to the east, Saskatchewan to the west, and North Dakota and Minnesota to the south. Winnipeg lies at the geographic centre of North America, and just 100 km (62 miles) from the United States border.

Historically, Winnipeg was a prime meeting place at the junction of two rivers - the north-flowing Red and the east-flowing Assiniboine. It was the place for trade and economic activity. Today, Winnipeg has one of the most diverse economies of any major city in Canada.

Key industries include: transportation and distribution, aerospace, agri-business, finance and insurance, life sciences and biotechnology, information and communications technology, media, tourism, electric power, apparel, furniture and advanced manufacturing.

According to CMHC's Fall 2010 Housing Outlook, in 2009 Winnipeg saw a modest drop in total employment of only 0.1%, quite respectable considering the 1.6% decline for the country overall. To the end of August 2010, Winnipeg has seen a 1% increase in employment.

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