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AJ Hazzi

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AJ Hazzi is a real estate broker based out of Kelowna and one of our picks for the top investment agents in British Columbia. Hazzi is the founder of Vantage West Realty, a team who specializes in helping clients find real estate investment opportunities in the Okanagan Valley region

Hazzi got his start in real estate 20 years ago, getting his real estate license at just 19. After some experience working in the field, he went on to found his own brokerage in 2008, just before the financial crisis of that year. Despite the challenges this timing presented, Hazzi says it would ultimately lead Vantage West to where they are today, as a firm that focuses primarily on working with real estate investors..

Just as I opened my doors, we went into a global financial crisis. It felt like a curse but in the end, it became a blessing because it forced us to really reimagine what it meant to be a real estate professional,” said Hazzi. “We ended up moving away from the tired salesmans approach and incorporated a consultants approach. I gravitated towards real estate investors, as I was one myself. It was a wise pivot at that time, given that most people were scared except investors who were looking for deals”.

On what makes him and his team unique, Hazzi highlights firstly the full-service aspect of their business. Clients will be guided from A to Z, all the way from financing, acquisition, property management and more. Another thing they pride themselves on is strong negotiation skills that allow them to cut the best deals for their clients.

We are all students of negotiation and we are constantly upgrading our skills in that department. We are kind of old school in that we do not rely on DocuSign and text messages like the majority of Realtors these days, we still sit down face to face with homeowners to negotiate on our clients behalf the way it was done back when contracts were made out of carbon copies.

So far, Hazzi says 2022 has exceeded expectations for him and his team. Though a shifting market may make others fearful, Hazzi experience working through previous downturns has him confident in his teams ability to thrive in a shifting market. With a solid foundation of tools and practices in place, Vantage West intends to use what they have learned to face the shift head-on and help their clients make the most of the opportunities it may present

We truly believe that it is in the shifting markets that opportunity lies and millionaires are made. Instead of seeing it as a potential threat, we see it as an opportunity – mindful of the risks, of course – but optimistic about the opportunity that it presents, if you know how to navigate it.



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