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Alex Wilson

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Alex Wilson is a real estate broker based out of Toronto and is one of our picks for top investment agents in Ontario. Wilson is also the owner and team leader at RE/MAX Wealth Builders Real Estate, and a real estate investor with a portfolio of $20M.

After studying Economics and Finance at Wilfrid Laurier University, Wilson began as a real estate agent in 2008. Shortly after, Wilson also began building his own real estate portfolio and found his passion for investment real estate. Wilson successfully turned his initial investment of $39 thousand into a portfolio of $20 million in just 10 years. He works to share the investment wisdom that made him a success with his clients, to help them build financial freedom and generational wealth through real estate.

His work has focused largely on condos and has been in the top 1% of condo sales in Toronto for around a decade. After spending many years in the City of Toronto and the GTA, and has recently taken an interest in the City of Calgary. Alex has received numerous awards and recognitions for his sales prowess, including a RE/MAX Circle of Legends award. His experience has also led to great relationships with developers, which he uses to help his clients access exclusive offerings.

I deal with anyone from first-time investors all the way to C-level executives, medical professionals and business owners. For example, we show business owners and medical professionals who do not have pensions how to structure their portfolios to maximize their tax-efficient dollars.

Since the start of the year, Wilson has already helped over 300 clients to buy a first investment property or expand an existing portfolio. Looking forward, Wilson plans to continue to explore new investment avenues for himself and his clients, such as his expansion into Calgary, a market he recognized for its opportunity.

Interested in working with Alex Wilson? Get in touch today to find out how he can help you to achieve your financial freedom through real estate investing

Telephone: 416-996-5181



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