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Mark Verzyl

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Mark Verzyl is a real estate agent based out of Calgary and one of our picks for the top investment agents in Alberta. With over 25 years of real estate experience under his belt and over $1.5 billion in properties sold, Verzyl has helped countless clients to invest and grow their wealth in Calgary.

Verzyl first got his real estate license in 1997 and quickly found himself working for small, medium, and large builders selling new homes as well as taking part in the management and executive roles. Being an investor himself and recognizing an opportunity to share his industry knowledge to help others invest, Verzyl moved towards working as an investment real estate agent in 2014.

In his own words: “I am an investor myself, and I noticed when working with the investors in the new home business, especially the ones that were just starting out, they didnot really have a guide and someone to help them get their start.”

As an agent, Verzyl has a lot of sales experience in the fields of pre-construction, new home development and investments. Beyond his work as a salesperson, Verzyl has also been a speaker and trainer for other agents and investors, and operates a youtube channel, sharing his investment wisdom with others.

One area that Verzyl has excelled in is promoting his city to buyers from around the country. Speaking of one of his most proud career accomplishments, Verzyl remembers a time when a large developer with whom he was working was having trouble moving units in a downtown building. Verzyl realized they may be chasing the wrong audience, and convinced them to launch the building to Toronto investors. What followed was one of the fastest sales they had seen and something of a precursor to the phenomenon Verzyl now refers to as ‘The Great Migration’ of Canadian investors and residents towards Calgary.

Already, Verzyl says, 2022 has exceeded all his expectations, both in his personal business and in the Calgary market. In January alone, Veryl and his team had already made over 300 sales, and they continue to see a heightened interest in Calgary from investors across the country. Despite the shifting pace seen in other markets, Verzyl is confident in the outlook for the future of Calgary and its real estate market.

Verzyl and his team are open to working with all kinds of investors, be they new or established, local or remote. His approach to clients is a holistic one, with a focus on long-term success over short-term profits. Reach out to Mark Verzyl today to learn how he can help you invest in Calgary real estate.



Telephone: 403-617-9998

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