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Natasha Phipps

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Natasha Phipps is a top producing real estate agent based out of Calgary, and one of our picks for top investment agents in Alberta. Phipps is the team leader at Phipps Real Estate Group at CIR Realty, as well as an investor and public speaker that works to help buyers and sellers make the right choices to grow their wealth in Calgary real estate investments.

Phipps first began her career in real estate in 2008, though she had a connection to the housing industry prior through her family’s work in construction. After purchasing her first property in her early 20s, Phipps began to grow an interest in real estate and particularly the power of investment real estate, which drives her passion in the industry to this day.

Investing has always been the backbone of what is sparked my interest and my love of real estate and still is to this day. We look at everything we do in real estate, be it a primary home or an additional property as an investment, and the bulk of our clients are real estate investors./p>

Working with investors, it comes down to numbers and strategic decisions. I’m a very analytical person so it’s something that works well in my brain. What I really love about the real estate investment game is putting it all together: finding the deals, running the numbers, and thinking about the strategy. To top that all off, we get to help people take control of their financial futures through real estate investing./p>

Having been part of the Calgary market for years, Phipps has seen her share of ups and downs. That translates to a wealth of knowledge on the local markets that Phipps strives to share with her clients to help them make the best investments for their money.

Despite changing conditions nationally, Phipps sees a lot of opportunity for investors in Calgary, particularly due to exciting new diversification being seen in the local economy and the influx of new residents being drawn to the city from all around the country.

We are very proud to have a strong foothold in our local marketplace, but this year we’ve been seeing even more out-of-province investors. We’re eager to work with people from out of town and are set up to help them from start to finish in their buying process. That is definitely a specialty for us: accommodating out-of-town investors and assisting with everything from purchasing, all the way to closing and even property management which we can do in-house.

Beyond just helping clients to buy and sell, Phipps emphasizes their fully hands-on approach to helping clients succeed in their investment endeavors. “One thing that really makes us unique is we do a lot of training and educating, and that is all complimentary when you are a client of ours. We do things like monthly investor socials, where we bring in speakers to talk about an educational topic that is important for real estate investors to know. Additionally, we offer free planning sessions, monthly updates and a private Facebook Group with over 2000 investors with an interest in the Calgary market.”

But most importantly, for the individual, every client starts off with a strategic meeting where we talk specifically about them. We meet them where they are at, whether they are brand new or have an established portfolio, and see how we can add to their experience. If they are new to the marketplace, then we want to spend the time making sure they are properly prepared and not rushing into the market prior to making a plan. We spend a lot of time upfront making sure that they are set up for success in the long run, and we really strive for long-term relationships with our clients.”

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