Real Estate Market Report for
Larkspur, AB

Updated : Oct 2014
  • Median price $331,700
  • Monthly growth 2.06 %
  • Quarterly trend
  • Stock on market 0.75%
  • Median price
  • Monthly growth
  • Quarterly trend
  • Stock on market
Larkspur Home Price

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Last month, Larkspur was Canada’s 1061th priciest – this month at number 1061 it’s gained 56 While month on month that number shouldn’t matter too much, as fluctuation is common, it’s worth checking back regularly to see whether the improvement continues.

While the median for Alberta is $387,500 , which means that Larkspur’s median price is $331,700 considerably better than the rest of the province.

In province, the most common property on the listings this month has 3 bedrooms, in this neighbourhood it’s 3.

Across Alberta Larkspur has the 77th most properties on offer with 322.

Will prices rise across the next year in in Larkspur? There are a number of real estate indicators to consider.

If you are looking at investment properties in Larkspur, then there are about the same homes for sale than there were three months ago. This would indicate that house prices will be influencing it towards being a steadily priced.

There are a number of important pieces of research you should do before deciding where to buy an investment property – this data for Larkspur will hopefully provide an indicator to help you where to research in-depth

It’s always hard to tell what property prices will do over the coming months, but over the last three months the properties available for purchase in Larkspur have stayed pretty much the same which would tend to indicate that demand is steady.

Beds Median price (House) Median price (Apartment)
1 bedroom $205,200
3 bedrooms $285,000
4 bedrooms $376,950
5 bedrooms $349,900

Corresponding census subdivisions are provided for the following place names where data is not available.

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