North Port, PE

Updated: Aug 2016
Median price $115,850
Monthly growth 37.50 %
Quarterly trend
Stock on market 0.69%
Median price
Monthly growth
Quarterly trend
Stock on market

North Port Home Price

The $115,850 price tag on the median North Port home means that it is very cheap in comparison to the rest of the nation.

2 bedroom properties are the most common available for real estate investors this month in neighbourhood.

Across Prince Edward Island North Port has the 36th most properties on offer with 218.

Is North Port a good investment prospect? It’s never a perfect science, but the data we have given us a number of indicators.

The amount of homes for sale in neighbourhood has increased over the last three months – this means that supply and demand economics would mean that the pressure on house prices has also slipped.

Can we guarantee how well North Port is going to do next year? No, but we can look at the data we have and use it as a starting point before doing research.

It’s always hard to tell what property prices will do over the coming months, but over the last three months the properties available for purchase in North Port have stayed pretty much the same which would tend to indicate that demand is steady.

Beds Median price (House) Median price (Apartment)
2 bedrooms $89,500
3 bedrooms $177,450
  • Population in 20111337
  • Population in 20061253
  • 2006 to 2011 population change (%)6.7
  • Total private dwellings869
  • Private dwellings occupied by usual residents499
  • Population density per square kilometre16.6
  • Land area (square km)80.61