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2012 Investor Forum Highlights

It's the blueprint for Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver Investor Forums. And like Investor Forum Toronto, those regional events will bring together hundreds of local property investors to learn from industry leaders specifically focused on their market.

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Video transcript below:

Domenic Mandato, Investplus Properties
Domenci Mandato: Well actually, I think that Investor Forum really provides a good platform for anybody who wants to buy real estate and I think the content and also the quality of speakers is one on, one of the better venues for those types of events.

Brian Puls, Pulis Investment Group
Brian Pulis: Well, I think events like this are terrific for people to attend, because there are so many different speakers and exhibitors here that are able to help people regardless of where they are at in their investment strategy.

Tahani Aburaneh, Author: “Real Estate Riches”
Tahani Aburaneh: The Investor Forum this year actually is amazing because it’s double the attendees of what happened last year. People now are now realising that this is the event to be at. This is where they come in and learn and hear from top speakers in Canada. You come in here with an attitude of I wanted to learn more and you get more than only just a little bit of learning. You get also to network with amazing you know other investors.

Gary Mullen: This Investor Forum event has been fantastic. Look I have been lucky to attend over 500 conferences over the last 10 years and this is top notch. Across Canada to me, to be able to have real estate investors coming together, sharing best practices with one another, leap frogging one another and learning from experts and gurus in the industry.
NICOLE BRIDGES, Ryis Properties
Nicole Bridges: Investor Forum is a great opportunity for first time investors. They have the opportunity to go to different exhibitions to show, to guide them where they will meet, what they need to do.

Other Comments
- The Toronto Investor Forum is so important for Investors. They get a chance to meet companies who are from around the world.
- The Investor Forum is done a great job putting this together.
- I thought the Investor Forum was great.
- Investor Forum is a great experience for us all.
- This is obviously the perfect hub.
- It’s been fantastic.
- Make sure that you are again next year.
- It was pretty awesome and [nice]. I am already pumped for the next one.


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