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HGTV pro: Quick property value boosters

In this episode of Investor Insight, landscape designer and contractor Jeff Sarty -- from HGTV`s Decked Out -- highlights the quick and painless ways you can build equity through sweat equity.

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Video transcript below:

Jemima Codrington: How can investors entice top notch tenants, showing your land a little love goes a long way. Home and Garden, Television host and speaker at this year’s Investor Forum Toronto, Jeff Sarty shares his tips for cost effective curb appeal.

Jeff Sarty, Home and Garden Television Host
How can Landlords increase curb appeal?
Jeff Sarty: A landlord can increase their curb appeal by ¬ making sure that everything is neat and tidy. The first impression that a renter will see is like based on that big impact. So making sure your garden beds are nice and edged, have nice clean line, there is some nice fresh mulch in the gardens, make sure that all the plants are still alive and not dead and weeds and stuff everywhere. So it’s really making sure that everything is looking as good as it can. Make sure there isn’t any big dead shrubs and just kind of trimming everything back so it will have that nice tidy look to it.

What can we expect from your session at the Toronto Investor Forum?
Jeff Sarty: During my session at the Toronto Investor Forum, investors can expect to see me going over the dos and don’ts of landscaping, where they are going to get the most bang for their bucks and really great DIY tips as well as just doing an overview kind of really basic landscape design workshop I guess.

To be really be able to plan out different features in their own landscape while saving some money in the meantime, while still giving new tenants that nice well factor they want, but I will also be there to answer as many questions as people want.

Jemima Codrington: To learn more, book your tickets to the Investor Forum Toronto today.


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