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Industry roars at Investor Forum Toronto

Real estate experts -- including Bruce Croxon from CBC's The Dragons' Den -- roared at the second annual Investor Forum Toronto last week, bringing their collective guidance to more than 600 investors from across the country.

CREW's Jemima Codrington provides a run-through of the two-day event, hitting all the highlights, including the 2012 Top Investor Awards.

Video transcript below:

Jemima Codrington: The buzz is in the air and property investors are in the house. Hi, I’m Jemima Codrington and welcome to a special Investor Insight from the Toronto Investor Forum.

The house is jam packed. 600 investors, speakers and exhibitors are all gathered here for the second annual event in Toronto. The investors are using the Forum to build a portfolio strategy and also to connect with the experts that have the advice to make it happen.

Paolo Francisco – Delegate
Paolo Francisco: I thought the Investor Forum was great. I met a lot of people, did a lot of networking with other investors. I am starting investor so I’m trying to learn different starting strategies, so picked up a few different points, hoping to implement some of them in future.

Sevki Ciftcioglu – Delegate
Sevki Ciftcioglu: Firstly I would like to say, the Investor Forum is a great experience for us.
Jemima Codrington: But presenters and sponsors are also happy to have made those vital connections.

Gary Mullen – Vivo Resorts
Gary Mullen: This Investor Forum event has been fantastic. Look, I have been lucky to attend over 500 conferences over the last 10 years and this is top notch. Across Canada to me, to be able to have real estate investors coming together, sharing best practices with one another, leap frogging one another and learning from experts and gurus in the industry. We at Vivo Resorts find it as a great opportunity to connect with investors and looking to take their real estate investment to the next level. We have identified beach front real estate as one of the options. We have several options with all these great investors and all these great people coming together.

Chris Clothier – Memphis Invest
Chris Clothier: So the reason why the Toronto Investor Forum is so important for investors is they get a chance to meet companies really from around the world to learn about investing, to learn about smart sustainable long term investments, not only in Canada but from around the world including United States and Brazil. Memphis Invest work here because we recognise the chance to meet with investors in one room is really positive, really good for us to meet so many at one time.
Jemima Codrington: The Toronto Forum gave investors one on one time with the industry experts on the trade show floor, but celebrity entrepreneurs also roared their message from the podium.

Bruce Croxon – Dragon’s Den
Bruce Croxon: A lot of the time, you are making mistakes and you are taking it in the [tea] and you feel you go home and now you feel what am I doing. Right there, I can remember so many times like that over the years when something hadn’t gone right and it’s inevitable. Any entrepreneur that gets up and tells you that you know they haven’t made mistakes or they haven’t had set backs is telling you a story, because it’s just not true.
Jemima Codrington: The Toronto Investor Forum isn’t just about connecting investors, it’s about honouring them. So we finished Day one with the top investor awards.

Myrna Dureau – Investor of the Year
Myrna Dureau: I am just overwhelmed. It’s a confirmation that during my first leap into real estate investing, I have helped some people with my investments to own their own home and to have a nice home to live in at a reasonable price and I would just like to thank my advisor, Edna Key who started me on this road. I wouldn’t have gone into it if I hadn’t trusted her completely and her team and the great coffee.

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