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Investor Forum Highlights

Investor forum 2011 Toronto highlights. Reserve you seat at the 2011 Vancouver investor forum @

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The Carlu, Toronto, March 25 & 26th, 2011
Manmeet Singh, Real Estate Investor
Manmeet Singh: It inspired me in a way that whatever point in your life you are, you have a hope and [everything] and if you take a proper action you can succeed in life.

Shirley Smith, Real Estate Investor
Shirley Smith: People here seem to be pretty knowledgeable on and have a lot of good information, I think the set up is really good as well. So quick segments and then moving on to the next topic, it’s really well set up.

Don Campbell, Speaker, REIN
Don Campbell: Well during that show, I could speak at this event because the quality of Canadian Real Estate Magazine, that’s the number one thing. I knew that the quality of the readership was strong. I knew they were actually committed and that’s what I’d like to be able to do, have an impact on people who are actually taking action, rather than people who are just dreaming and I am finding that they have decided is just like that.

Phillip McKernan, Speaker, Author
Phillip McKernan: I was really impressed with the quality of the location you put on and the room and it’s just a smart very very well done.

Sunil Tulsiani, Speaker, PIC
Sunil Tulsiani: The reason why I am here today is there is that huge amount of quality of people that have come in today. I found that the difference between other shows and today’s show and investor forum show, what I found is the attendees there is a quality difference. And it’s also good speakers and other delegates who are here I can network with them and talk with them and build this joint venture if possible. So joint venturing, meeting with quality people and possibly investors and members from my club is very very important to do.

Peter Kinch, Speaker, Author
Peter Kinch: Of course Canadian Real Estate Magazine attracts a large number of real estate investors across Canada and people that I might not necessarily talk to you on a monthly basis at Radio __ I speak at, so have the opportunity to present and speak at this forum. It has been a great opportunity for me to share some of the things that I feel are important to all real estate investors.

Scott McGillivray, Speaker, Host of HGTV’s Income Property
Scott McGillivray: I am coming here to the event today because there are so many people who want to get involved with real estate investing and I want to make sure that they have all the information. The other thing too is to get people to take action.

Testimonial, Julio Muziera & Wendy Gallegos, Real Estate Investors
Well packaged, it was very well done, very well presented. Definitely it was worthwhile coming here.
Other comments
- Canada Real Estate Investor is backing it.
- There are phenomenal networking opportunities here.
- Actually the better way of doing it.
- Meet our expectation
- Great opportunities.
- Very inspirational.
- The day was fantastic.


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