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Investor Forum highlights

The Investor Forum -- it's increasingly the must-attend event for Canadian property owners, with conferences not only in Toronto and Vancouver, but Calgary, Moncton and Montreal. Here are highlights from the March event in Toronto, with more than 500 industry players and investors taking in two days of expert-led sessions and networking. For more information on Investor Forum, hosted by Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine, click HERE.


Video transcript below:

Jemima Codrington: Investors gathered once again to network and learn from industry experts at the 3rd Annual Investor Forum, Toronto. Canada’s leading real estate Conference took place at the Toronto International Centre teaching attendees everything there is to know about building wealth through real estate.
Testimonial: Quite a good opportunity to network with a lot of other professionals and investors and as well to learn from experience of successful real estate investors.

Jemima Codrington: Familiar faces such as the wealthy barber, David Chilton were among the crowd of over 650 delegates, speakers and exhibitors to attend the 2 day conference. Sponsored by Metro Property Group, the Forum covered everything from overseas investing to tax questions to panel discussions about the latest real estate hot spots.

I think events like the Investor Forum here in Toronto really give a chance for the Canadian investor to get out there and network and really educate themselves on property investment. It’s a culture of property investment that we just don’t have in the US.

So we help you understand that what the costs associated to it, is it working breaking, is it working not breaking your mortgage, maybe you should do a second, maybe you should just position at a differently.

Jemima Codrington: And of course the weekend wouldn’t be complete without the Top Investor Awards. [The Lunch] to honour the brightest talents in Canadian investing. And for winners it’s the best recognition there is.

This is a huge honour to have won Investor of the Year. I can’t thank the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine enough for giving us this huge honour. It feels like recognition for the time and energy that we put in over the last couple of years to build our business and strive to provide high quality, clean, safe, secure homes for the people throughout the country. Thank you so much.

I just keep on coming back, because there is always something to learn every single year. So guess what, I will see you again next year.

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