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Investor Forum Vancouver empowers, entertains

The 2012 Investor Forum Vancouver empowered and entertained hundreds of property professionals, arming them for a fiery market and preparing them to capitalize on its many opportunities. CREW's Jemima Codrington reports from the floor of the conference, sponsored by EcoHouse Developments.


Video transcript below:

Jemima Codrington: Investors from all over North America have descended on the Vancouver Convention Centre hoping to expand their knowledge and their portfolios at the Investor Forum, Vancouver.

While they are listening to A List speakers networking with other investors or hanging out with a $90,000 Jaguar, the Investor Forum, Vancouver has something for everyone.

Gary Spencer-Smith
Gary Spencer-Smith: I have been really impressed by the people that I have been talking to as I go around and speak to the different rules, the different investment strategies, it’s been a real eye opener for me. It’s always nice when you go out and increase your own knowledge and because I know, I don’t know a lot and so as a newcomer not you know the expert to speak to all these different people, understand their strategies, what they are doing, I have got some great ideas and things to follow up with.

Julia Broad
Julia Broad: The people here that come to the Forum are active investors and they have so much to share and I love hanging out with them and chatting with them and getting to know their businesses. The speakers are always exceptional, they deliver great content and there is always great information at the booths too. So it’s a full package and I have lots of fun too, so why wouldn’t I come.

Jemima Codrington: The west coast top investor awards honours the best and brightest of Canada’s investing talent.

Corey Young
Corey Young: Ah, it’s an honour to have won the award. I mean there is tens of thousands of realtors across western Canada. So to be nominated as the top realtor of the year is definitely an honour.

Sarah Strauss
Sarah Strauss: I think this award is going to bring some tremendous credibility to our business. I mean we know we are fantastic and we know we offer fantastic services to our clients and this is just going to show everybody else that hasn’t already dealt with us to give us a chance and bring us in some business and you know our clients are our passion and we are really going to be working for them.


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