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Investor Insight: Depressed market do's and don'ts

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Jemima Codrington: Depressed markets have a lot to offer a savvy investor, if you know what you are looking for. We caught up with the experts to find out how and where to look for cash flow opportunities in this week’s Investor Insight on Crew TV.
According to experts, debunking the stereotypes and pushing past the stigma is the first step for seizing opportunity and markets that are falling on hard times.

Sameer Beydoun, CEO, Metro Property Group
Sameer Beydoun: I would say that in depressed market as your definition or investor’s definition of a depressed market might be, I would say that these are markets that if really looked at closely can give unprecedented opportunity because they are the ones that the stereotype is it’s depressed, typical investor stays away, the astute investor will get in there and find a way to make money in there.

Jemima Codrington: Some investors may be wary that depressed economic times may affect their bottomline. For example, tenants not being able to pay rent. Careful due diligence and a close examination of the fundamentals of each market should be done, before making the leap and beat [the border].

Greg Coleman, CEO, Revest Inc.
Greg Coleman: Canadians need to be careful when they are going to the US, because there are lots and lots of traps and pratfalls that you need to be careful of. The first one is making sure that you get a property that has clean title. If all of the foreclosures and the defaults, there is a lot of problems with clean title and you need to make sure that you get something that’s clean. And the second thing is you want to make sure you are buying something in an area that’s going to see long term economic and population growth. That’s really the only way that the property will maintain its value and make money for you as a rental income property.


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