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Investor Insight: Don't kick curb appeal to the ...

Landlords may think a tight rental market has kicked the need for curb appeal maintenance to the, ahem, curb. But think again, reports Jemima Codrington: that work is key to maximizing ROI.

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Jemima Codrington: Staging can help prospective tenants fall in love with the inside of their property. So should you bother with the outside too? Hi, I’m Jemima Codrington and welcome to Investor Insight on Crew TV.
Skimping on curb appeal could cause potential tenants to curb their enthusiasm. Experts say there are certain key factors every staging should have that can take a rental unit from feeling like a house to a home.

Tarik Gidamy, The
Tarik Gidamy: Just like with anything else in life, first impressions is really important. Curb appeal maintenance means that when the person calls up the prospective buyer to your home or to the rental, they get a warm fuzzy feeling. They can see themselves in that place and the first impressions and curb appeal really does that from landscaping to the way that the home is maintained and just the overall outside look is really important and key.

Steve Arruda, Century 21 Best Sellers
Steve Arruda: Well I would say that your first impression is very important. So I think just to do some minor [curb appeal] grass cutting, planting will definitely you know give life to your property and the first impression is very important for a renter who is seeing multiple properties in that day. So again, you want to stand out from the crowd, so it’s very cost effective, it’s quick and it will expect the best return on your investment.

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