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Investor Insight: New markets emerge for Realtors

A slower real estate market has Canadian Realtors scrambling for ways to make up a revenue slide. International referrals and international investors represent one strong way to close the gap. CREW reports.


Video transcript below:

Crew TV: To do business abroad or not, that is the question for many Canadian Investors but also realtors. Opportunities abound in the international market, so too can the red tape, that’s now keeping realtors from exploring outside our borders. We find out in this week’s Investor Insight on Crew TV.

As more buyers head south of the border Canadian realtors are trying to get a slice of the action. Realtor referrals may be the perfect solution, but how trustworthy are referral agents in a foreign land.

Oliver Mevellec, International Real Estate Specialist (I.R.E.S.)
Oliver Mevellec: It’s not really the trust issue. It’s just the fact that every country has different laws when it comes to real estate. So it’s not about you learning every law in the world because you can’t. It’s about you joining a network with the right international marketing agreements to help you protect yourself, your clients, secure your fees, secure the listings. So it’s a combination – network, education in International Marketing agreements.

Crew TV: But Canadian real estate pros shouldn’t miss opportunities here on home soil.

Tahani Aburaneh, Author, Real Estate Riches
Tahani Aburaneh: They don’t have to go outside of the U.S., Every agent is looking to go out in the U.S. and invest, which is okay and great. But also want them to understand that there is lots of opportunities right here in Canada for them to work with Canadian Investors and servicing this need. The other thing I wanted to say is that there is a lot of International Investors coming to Canada that these agents in Canada are able to service and can serve.


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