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Kevin Matwichuk: Investor Awards Finalist

Top Investor Awards finalist Kevin Matwichuk shares his take on the industry and its rewards.

Video transcript below:

Kevin Matwichuk, Nominee: Top Investor of the Year
Kevin Matwichuk: You know when I found out I was nominated, I was both shocked and thrilled. It’s always a pretty big deal to be recognised by your peers and somebody in Industry. So it was pretty thrilling.

Right, yeah. No I was very impressed by the judging panel and they are all very credible people in the real estate industry and leaders in each of their industry segments. So, it’s very they are all top notch.

If I do win today, I’ll use the word – add creditability to both myself and my business to allow me to do more mentoring with people that are beginning in the industry as well as perhaps use it to attract investment partners for further projects I have launched.


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