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Myths about tenant management

Would-be investors imagine a stream of tenant troubles waiting for them on the other side of their first purchase, but that's more fantasy than fact, says Davelle Morrison, an industry expert and speaker at the upcoming Investor Forum Toronto. Jemima Codrington reports.

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Video transcript below:

Jemima Codrington: Davelle Morrison, Real Estate Investor, Realtor and Speaker at the Investor Forum, Toronto believes in a hands on attitude to investing and that includes property and tenant management. Today she shares her secrets for avoiding tenant trouble.

How challenging is it to manage your tenants?
Davelle Morrison: I don’t find it that difficult to manage my own tenants. One of the reasons is that people aren’t calling you at 2 o’clock in the morning with problems. Everybody says, “oh I don’t want to become a real estate investor, because I don’t want to get that phone call at 2 A.M.” Nobody calls you at 2 A.M. They usually pick 3 in the afternoon. But really it’s, you know you are not getting calls all the time and if I look at the scope over here, I wouldn’t even say that I am getting a call once a month. And even if I did get a phone call once a month, that really wouldn’t be so bad for the amount of money that I am receiving every month.

What can we expect from your session at the Toronto Investor Forum?

Davelle Morrison: My session at Toronto Investor Forum is really going to be giving people an insight as to how I started investing in real estate, why I think it’s something that everybody can do and should do to better prepare themselves financially in the future.
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