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Shanna McFarlane: Up-ending financing challenges

Investors are finding it tougher to win financing through the banks, but there are other places to seek that funding. Expert investor Shanna McFarlane points to two. 

Shanna McFarlane will share her Strategies for Success at the upcoming Investor Forum Toronto, April 28 - 29. 


Video transcript below:

Shanna McFarlane,

Shanna McFarlane: Hi everyone. I am Shanna with Taking a minute just to share a tip with you on financing in this challenging environment.

Tip # 1
Tip No.1 is to try private financing and I do this often. Instead of going the traditional ways directly to the bank, why not try some private lenders to fund your deals.

Tip # 2
Tip No.2 is joint venture partnerships. Why not, this is a win-win situation. You bring the skills and someone else brings the funds.

I hope those 2 tips have helped you today. Happy investing and always remember – see you at the top, the bottom is way too crowded.


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