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Tips for new investors

Investing in real estate changes often, and quickly. So what should new players in the industry really focus and worry about? Sean M. Greene, director of Platinum Investment Real Estate Group, shares his experience and insight into today's market.


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Reporter: The investing game is a hard one and knowing how to play it right is increasingly difficult. How can you turn knowledge into gold? And what strategy is right for you?


Shawn Green from Platinum Investments Real Estate Group outlines how modern day investors should approach the real estate game. Investors do their homework well, but some follow their instinct more. Does education really matter in today’s new world of investing?


Sean Greene, Owner, Platinum Investment Group
Sean Greene: The most important thing for investors getting into any investment whether that’s real estate, whether that’s mortgaged investments or any of the other types of investments out there, we are at an age and time where there is an abundance of information and knowledge out there accessible to everybody.


At the end of the day, education is the basis of any decision you make whether that’s investing, whether that’s other things to do with your life you must be educated. You have to understand what you are getting into, how it works, what are the upside possibilities, what are the risks, potential downfall or potential downward side risks of these investments and I think you need to make an educated decision.


Reporter: Working with an experienced investor is ideal, but how do you really know who you are going into business with?


Sean Greene: If you are involving yourself in what we would consider more of the hands off type real estate investment, I would say it’s extremely crucial to understand who you are going to get into partnership with or who is going to be managing that investment for you. It’s critical. Again today there is an ability for people to put up very elaborate websites, some really great media production.


Yet at the end of the day, how experienced is that person or that company in actually managing those real estate investments. What’s the track record, how long have they done it? What are some of the past investments that have done well, what are the some of the past investments that haven’t done well. These are questions every investor wants to ask as they move into in what we would consider a more modern type investment, where it’s a traditional style, I am coming in to invest capital and I want somebody professionally manage that investment for me.

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