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Top Investor Awards Winner: Maribel Pelka

Top Investor of the Year: Maribel Pelka of Avant-Garde Properties Ltd.

Video transcript below:

Maribel Pelka, President, Avant-Grade Properties Ltd.

Winner: Top Investor of the Year

Maribel Pelka: I am a speechless. I feel really honoured to have received this award. Thank you very much and looking forward to more successful years to come. I think they pick us for this award because of the overall strategy that we are putting together.

We started with no experience 5 years ago and we have been able to put together in a strategy for we have the become transaction engineers. We have been able to develop different strategies for different timing, with different tactics for different transitions.

So we are doing rent to owns for cash flow, flips for cash flow too, but we still have the overall picture to keep long term goals and we have been able to do our own property management successfully, put system in place, hire people to help us to do that and build great things around our company.


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