//Google site Verification How does a $40 billion investment impact a community?

How does a $40 billion investment impact a community?

Future site of Canada’s single largest private sector investment, Kitimat is poised be the #1 housing market in western Canada for real estate developers. Located 1400 km north of Vancouver, the community of Kitimat will be home to a $40 billion state-of-the-art energy facility that will create up to 10,000 jobs, a population boom—and new demand for housing. This white paper provided by Riverbrook Estates will overview features of the Kitimat investment project and key prospects for real estate developers, such as:

  • Economic growth from the new Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) export facility
  • Increased demand for new-build homes in Kitimat
  • Features of the Riverbrook Estates master-planned community
  • Investment and exit strategies for successful investment in Riverbrook Estates

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