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  • Tips on how to find good tenants by Kandace Gallant

    We’ve all heard horror stories about bad tenants before, so naturally, it makes us question if we should get into the world of investing ourselves. But having a rental property can come with a lot of benefits. Though becoming a landlord comes with a lot of new responsibilities, especially when it comes to protecting your investment that you’ve worked hard for, you’ll find that coming across bad tenants is much rarer than finding great tenants.

  • How A Landlord Can End A Tenancy, Ontario by Kandace Gallant

    A popular search trend emerged in 2020 and it was all in thanks to the novel Coronavirus pandemic that swept over the world, putting us all on lockdown and wondering what lies ahead for the future.

  • Tips for beginner preconstruction investors in Toronto by Kandace Gallant

    Despite experts predicting a market crash in our midst, robust investment opportunities are still out there, including for beginners looking to dip their toes in the water.

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