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Alice Yang has been a dynamic force in the real estate investment sector since 2009, boasting a diversified portfolio that spans across Canada, including key areas like Vancouver BC, Dawson Creek, Kitimat, Penticton, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. Not just an investor, Alice is a licensed Realtor, a seasoned Property Manager, and the co-owner of a Home Renovations company, where she showcases her prowess in interior design.

Areas of Expertise:

Alice’s expertise encompasses residential real estate, property management, and home renovations, blending her investment acumen with her creative flair in interior design.

Certifications and Qualifications:

  • Licensed Realtor
  • Certified Property Manager

Notable Projects and Investment Philosophy:

Alice’s investment journey is marked by strategic successes, such as increasing a condo’s value by almost 75% in three years and transforming a multi-family property into a high-value, high-rental income 4-plex. Her investment philosophy is centered around patience and prudence, steering clear of greed to make sound, long-term decisions.

Publications and Industry Presence:

  • Author of upcoming book on real estate investment for beginners.
  • Contributor to Canadian Wealth Magazine, with notable articles like “How to Maximize Your ROI on a Vancouver Condo Flip”.
  • Regularly featured in Canadian Real Estate Magazine.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Jurock Real Estate Insider
  • Previous member of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad association, Trump International, and Landlord BC.
  • Licensed realtor with the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board.

Market Engagement and Recognition:

Alice keeps her pulse on the market through active engagement, educational updates, and constant communication with industry professionals. Her excellence in real estate trading services has been recognized with multiple awards.

Additional Information:

Beyond real estate trading and property management, Alice brings unique value through her interior design expertise and extensive experience in renovation projects. She is also a knowledgeable ambassador on Airbnb, navigating the nuances of short-term rental markets.

Client Success Stories:

Alice has guided hundreds of clients through their real estate journeys, from first-time investors to seasoned veterans. One notable success story includes helping a new investor in Vancouver secure a profit of nearly $100,000 within two years, setting her on a path to potentially transition from her full-time job.

Alice Yang’s multifaceted expertise in real estate investment, property management, and interior design, combined with her commitment to continuous learning and market engagement, make her a distinguished figure in the industry. Her strategic approach and dedication to her clients’ success have solidified her reputation as a trusted advisor and skilled investor.

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