An All-Ternative for Canadian Investors

Despite the slurry of news and negativity oozing up from the US, the fact remains that the circus we have a first-row seat to happens to also contain hundreds of vibrant housing markets propelled by surging job growth and home prices that are still recovering from the financial Armageddon of 2008.

“That was actually the best opportunity to start making money in the United States,” says Keith Perrin who, along with his wife Linda, is one of the co-founders of All-Ternative Solutions. “The reason why we are in the states that we are in is because they are some of the later ones to be recovering. We’re still able to get returns of 15% or more.”

“In the States you can buy a fully renovated house for $35,000 that rents for up to $1,000 a month,” adds Linda.

For Canadian investors accustomed to celebrating when they achieve a 3% cap rate on a $600,000 condo, it may sound like Linda’s speaking an alien language. But through her and Keith’s dealings in states such as Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri and New Jersey over the last four years, those kinds of deals have become common place.

Why go it alone?
The properties in the US may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean they’re any easier to source, finance or manage for someone unfamiliar with the US market’s unique demands. That’s why the Perrins have assembled their considerable knowledge, amassed over the course of almost 80 deals, into a training/mentoring package for a wide range of investors: novices needing a grip on US-specific terminology and strategies; students who are hopelessly priced out of the Canadian market; and experienced investors who want to replicate the Perrins’ success in the US. It’s not only affordable – the three-day outreach training session is only $2,500 – but by limiting the number of attendees to a maximum of 10 per seminar, personalized attention and valuable one-on-one time is guaranteed.

“We give them the information they need to get started and we hold their hand through the entire process,” Linda says. “We teach people enough information so they can purchase their own properties, but everyone learns at a different speed. If someone needs more help to be comfortable with investing, we’re here for them.”

From combing through the fine print on an offer to answering questions about what the best investment neighborhoods are in, for example, Dayton, Ohio, investors who align themselves with the Perrins are granted access to a wealth of expertise built over the course of thirty years of flipping and house-hacking (Linda) and decades of commercial property sourcing and team-building (Keith). The Perrin’s have also built an extensive list of contacts – which has proven to be a lifesaver for more than a few clients – and teach investors how they, too, can build their own valuable network of professionals.

Competing training programs that attempt to offer the same level of value often cost two, three or four times the price of an All-Ternative Solutions seminar. That discrepancy is no accident.

“You learn a little bit at those big, flashy events, but then you have to go back to the next level to get the next piece, and you have to go to the next level so you actually have enough useful information to work with,” says Linda. “But you’re not supposed to be investing in a course. You’re supposed to be investing in houses.”

Clients who nab an attractive US property but are still working their way toward 100% confidence can avail themselves of the Perrins’ ongoing post-seminar mentoring program – for only $300 a month. It’s a small price to pay for the kind of personalized advice that has helped dozens of the Perrins’ investor partners prosper and progress in their search for financial independence.

“I have found too many people out there trying to make investors follow their path,” says Linda. “We walk beside people and help them develop their own path.”

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