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Finding the best residential property company in 2021

Searching for a real estate investment in itself can be tricky, but trying to find the right real estate company to help you on your journey toward homeownership and your investment goals can sometimes be even trickier. Canada is home to one of the largest thriving real estate markets in the world. That’s why, when looking for good real estate assets, it’s important to find a real estate company that will help you find a property that makes a perfect home or investment for you.

Benefits of working with real estate companies

Working with professionals can help you in a variety of ways throughout the home buying process. Using a real estate broker or realtor can help you find a property that meets your needs within your budget.

They also do all the paperwork for you (bonus!), and sometimes have access to properties before they’re even put on the market. They can also have connections with construction companies and can sometimes get access to a real estate development before it’s well-known to other prospective buyers which can help put you ahead of the game.

When it comes to discovering assets in the Canadian market, property management companies can help by providing guidance and great customer service to first-time investors or buyers, and bring peace of mind while offering a helpful hand during stressful situations.

Depending on the realtor, they can get a prospective buyer or investor in touch with a home builder and get you in on new development. Development construction takes quite some time depending on the square feet of the property, but looking into developments in the Greater Toronto and Metropolitan Vancouver area is a more affordable option for those looking to make an investment in a larger market.

Benefits of working with real estate companies


The three best residential property companies in Canada


RE/MAX has been around since the early 1970s and is one of Canada’s best and most recognizable real estate companies because of its classic hot-air balloon logo. In Canada, RE/MAX is known for selling residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. For over 30 years RE/MAX has helped Canadians build their assets, find, and sell great properties. In addition to helping residents in Canada, RE/MAX also works on a global scale with listings in over 80 countries, making them a leader in global real estate.

Century 21

Century 21 is a company that helps investors and prospective homeowners by providing real estate services to a variety of communities. This highly skilled property management company does more than just deal in listing and selling single-family homes. They also work in asset management for investors and homeowners. As a property management firm, Century 21 works with other firms in the real estate industry to find home prices that work best for its clients. Century 21 also boasts an impressive global property portfolio for international investors, too.

Royal LePage

Founded in 1913, Royal LePage is one of the leading real estate companies in Canada because it does more than just buying and selling homes. It also helps residents find rental properties. Investors choose Royal LePage because of their extensive knowledge of Canadian real estate. In Vancouver, Royal LePage has over 1000 listings including single-family homes and retail space.

A real estate investment trust

Also known as a REIT, these management companies are modelled after mutual funds and pool the capital from many investors to allow individuals the opportunity to see a profit from technically investing in real estate but not actually dealing with property management. A REIT is run similarly to stock investments, but rather invests in a variety of property assets like buildings, and homes.

Tips for choosing the right real estate company for you

Tips for choosing the right real estate company for you

Finding homes and working with loans can be hard when navigating the Canadian market. Luckily, there are a wide variety of real estate firms that can help you find investment opportunities that are considered “hidden gems” in today’s market. Property management and construction companies work to create thriving communities that increase the market value in homes throughout Canada. When it comes to choosing the best company for you, you may want to consider these things:

Asset types

As an investor, choosing which assets to put money into is important. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial space, using property management companies can help you find the property that works best for you and who has your best interests at the forefront. As investors, you need to have a solid plan, and having a team of professionals can help you navigate one of the largest markets in Canada (like Toronto or Vancouver).

Development Opportunities

Often, real estate firms are in the know about the up-and-coming development that investors will want to get their hands on. Real estate management means being on the pulse of any development, and any realtor knows that providing good service means being in the know on every development in town.


When it comes to looking for homes in 2021’s market, it may take longer than anticipated, especially if you go the development route. But when looking for homes as assets, you should enjoy the person whose management service you’re paying for. You should feel like you have a connection and that you can ask them anything. The market value of homes increases exponentially, which means firms are having to provide service for longer, but even if you’re the runner-up in a bidding war, you know when you choose high-quality real estate services that you’re holding out for the best.

Property management in a post-COVID market

Property management in a post-COVID market

In Canada, the housing market is expanding at a more rapid rate than ever before. The market value of a home can increase by $50,000 in a year in some cases. Especially in a post-pandemic, vaccinated environment, the market value of homes in Canada is only going to increase even more as people start attending more open houses and put their bidding war pants on.

The Canadian real estate market has remained strong during the COVID-19 pandemic, which causes an even higher demand for quality property management professionals. Once hotspot regions like Toronto and Vancouver recover from the pandemic, the assets available will be plentiful and communities will see increased market value in their properties. The long-term benefits of homeownership will be evident post-pandemic.

Bigger agencies offer better service

More often than not, the bigger real estate agencies are more successful for a reason. They can provide better service than other agencies because they have a wider reach. Real estate industry giants know the home buying process inside and out and they know how to assist you in managing your assets. Plus, they’ve been doing it for a lot longer. These management professionals are huge for a reason and have knowledge on how to maneuver one of the largest markets in North America. But this being said, small firms work just as hard, they just may not be able to offer you as much as a larger firm would in terms of access to properties, lower real estate fees, etc.

Bigger agencies offer better service

When looking for a real estate agency always look through individual reviews to ensure you get the service and results you want. Knowing how a property management company works before you look for single-family homes as an investment opportunity in Canada is extremely important. You read reviews before you buy a simple product online, right? So you’ll definitely want to do the same when it comes to a new home or investment property for your family.

Working with large real estate companies can benefit you

The right real estate investment company has a strong sense of what you’re looking for in your real estate assets. And, with properties continuing to increase value in today’s market, affordable housing is becoming hard to come by. It’s also been a stressful year for all of us, so why not lessen that stress and allow yourself to become more familiar with the market by hiring a professional and experienced realtor from a well-known company that prides itself on exceptional customer service. A real estate agent knows how to navigate the market cap and find properties that become assets to the community and families living in them. You’ll feel rest assured knowing that by working with the biggest real estate company in Canada, they’ll be able to navigate you through the rising market that we’re likely going to be seeing long-term.

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