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MoneyShow Knows How to Show Us the Money

by Heather McDowell on 17 Aug 2022

Sure, we all know that conventions are an excellent way to network with like-minded individuals in any given field. What may not be known specifically about The MoneyShow’s convention (which runs from Friday, September 16th and wraps up on Saturday, September 17th at the Metro-Toronto Convention Centre) is the special tracks component on Saturday September 17th that covers topics that are either hot-button issues or those with additional complexity by taking a laser-focused approach. This, when coupled with the insightful industry partners with whom MoneyShow has collaborated, allows participants to understand and confidently engage in not only the dynamic market of today but to navigate with agility the changing conditions of tomorrow.

Sage Advice from Canadian MoneySaver’s Expert Columnists 

One such partner is MoneyShow’s clever collaboration with Canadian MoneySaver which brings some of their top minds together on one stage.  Whether the ask is to gain insight into how to keep more of your money through retirement and estate planning, how to maximize gains, or how to minimize tax liability, Canadian MoneySaver Day can guarantee delivery on its reputation of trustworthiness, clear and relatable advice about money-saving and money-making strategies.

Decoding ETFs to Counter Market Volatility

It seems like market volatility, be it the real estate, stock or international markets is the buzz word on everybody’s lips. MoneyShow has secured the very savvy Trevor Cummings, Vice President of TD Asset Management, Inc. and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) guru.  Trevor Cummings will also be part of a dynamic panel entitled ETF Trends and Predictions with MoneySense and is in fantastic company with extremely-talented Lisa Hannam, Executive Editor for MoneySense, the very gifted Alfred Lee, Portfolio Manager and Investment Strategist for BMO Exchange Traded Funds, the knowledgeable Brian Harman Business Development Manager and Team Lead Horizons ETFs and the well-versed David Wysocki, Vice President National Sales for Harvest Portfolios Group. 

Bulls versus Bears

Sometimes with the fluctuations in markets around the globe, it’s hard to pinpoint whether what’s experienced would be defined as a bull market or a bear market or somewhere in between. This well invariably be a much-discussed topic at the MoneyShow Conference. The bull/bear ratio, or bull/bear spread as its sometimes called, is an indication of the overall attitude of investors. This is published on a weekly basis by the financial data firm investors intelligence and is an aggregate of surveying of professional financial advisors. Put another way, rising prices are an indication of a bullish market whereas falling prices are in indication of a bearish market sentiment. To liken it to the world of real estate, it is similar but not an exact replica of to a sellers’ market and a buyers’ market, respectively.

Real Estate Investing 101

Speaking of real estate, one of the most anticipated special tracks offered by MoneyShow is real estate investing. Armchair Real Estate experts have met their match with the unparalleled knowledge of Simeon Papailias from REC Canada, Ryan Coyle from Realty, Wayne Byrd with Skyline Group of Companies and Dalia Barsoum, Founder of Streetwise Mortgages & Streetwise Wealth. Convention wisdom and almost any subject matter experts asked will tell us that real estate investment should be part of any and every investment portfolio. These money management megastars will offer pearls of wisdom to a new investor who is looking to kick start their real estate investment journey and a tenured investor who wants thoughtful guidance to take their portfolios to the next level while managing risk, alike. 

All Welcome to the All-Stars

On Saturday, September 17th the illustrious Montreal Exchange will be providing the wisdom of their experience at the options-focused stream of the MoneyShow.  Don’t pass ‘go’ in your options trading journey without first hearing the recommendations from Mark Benzaquen, Nicholas Galarnyk, Richard Ho, Jessica Inskip, Edward J. Modla, Ankit Mehra and Alvin Mehra as they share how and why to use options strategies to generate additional income, particularly in this inflationary environment and how to avoid the most common pitfalls when growing your trading account.

Step 1:  Register for what has been described as ‘the #1 Investment Conference in Canada”, MoneyShow’s ‘can’t miss event’ by visiting

Step 2:  Enjoy all that Toronto has to offer by staying at the Four-Diamond InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel which is located 225 Front Street located right in the vibrant downtown core and steps away from the world-famous CN Tower, the globally recognized Air Canada Centre and the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. 

And the last step? Unleash your inner mogul!

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