Passive real estate helps 'not exchange time for money'

by Neil Sharma05 Sep 2018

Many real estate investors begin with dreams of using passive income to free time and enjoy their lives, but few realize that outcome.

That isn’t the case for Nam Ratna, co-founder of Go Get It Real Estate in Winnipeg. With medical school nearly concluded, Ratna learned an invaluable lesson that transformed his life and set him upon a new trajectory from which he’s never looked back.

“Our goal was to quit our day jobs,” said Ratna, alluding to his partners, Tayler Fehr and his brother Saran Ratna. “I came from the medical industry where I was going to be a doctor, and in my fourth year I decided that once I graduate I won’t practice. Instead, I decided to start a real estate company because for us, real estate is about passive income so that we’re not exchanging time for money and we can spend more time on our passions, with our family and with our friends.”

Ratna was largely impelled by the unhappy faces surrounding him.

“I fast-forwarded 10, 15 years and couldn’t imagine living like that,” he said. “I couldn’t imagine my daughter wanting to hang out and having to say, ‘No, I have to go to work.’”

The founders of Go Get It Real Estate buy, fix and sell properties, or rent them out. After finding discounted properties and raising capital, they put deals together. As Ratna tells it, every step of the process is systematic.

Go Get It Real Estate started a mentorship division last year, and these lessons are available to investors who have always dreamed about exiting the rat race but also living comfortably.

“The reason my students have success is because of the foundational mindset we lay. The first is ‘why.’ You have to have strong purpose. I did it to take control of my time so that I’m not exchanging time for money. I get to spend time with my family. You have to have strong purpose.”

Consistency is another build block the Go Get It team impart. One must learn and improve consistently, year after year after year, says Ratna.

“We’ve met evert single week, the three of us, for the last five years and a half years when we started the company, hitting our weekly goals. Consistency is one of our biggest differentiating factors.”

The predication of Go Get It Real Estate’s is Five Pillars of Zero Money Down, which helps with everything from identifying and acquiring discounted properties before they hit the MLS and general market to networking, negotiating prices, and managing contractors.

The Five Pillars of Zero Money Down uses intricate playbooks for each step of the process from identifying properties and then raising capital, to finding the right tenants.

“We also show how to analyze deals,” said Ratna. “When we get a phone call, what are the questions we ask so we can determine on the phone whether we’re checking out the property or not? When we get there, we use a repair sheet. I know that if it’s 1,000 square foot home and 1,000 square foot roof, it costs me $4.50 per square foot on repairs. We use repair sheet on the spot so that we can make an offer on the spot, that’s why we find deals and close them right there.

“We touch about 40 realtors a week. We have a script we use and let them know we’re looking for certain types of deals before they hit the market.”

Go Get It Real Estate’s mentorship program has proven wildly popular in the local market, and the company prides itself on teaching mindset. It offers everything from one-on-one coaching to online courses and videos with over 30 hours of content.

“We train people on how to do what we do. We teach the mindset you need to succeed in our business, or any business, for that matter, and how to market. I made the decision once to look elsewhere, so I did my research and found out real estate was the way. I knew it would be real estate I went into.”

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