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Top Family-Friendly Investment Areas In Toronto


Don’t let The Six’s fame as Canada’s de facto financial capital and its tall skyscrapers and high-rises mislead you. The city has numerous great communities that are perfect for families, many of which are located just outside the downtown area.

Why Investors Should Take Note

Investors are wise to look at potential properties through the eyes of the rental clients that they’re trying to attract. By using this lens, it will help the savvy investor to make choices that reflect the wants and needs of the families they are looking to put into their properties.

Toronto has several primary and secondary schools spread out over its vast region, in addition to some of the most esteemed institutions in the great white north.

Moreover, these urban landscapes contain pockets of green space that are great for small children and, of course, dogs. They’re also close to family-friendly establishments.

Acknowledging that, at last count, there were 140 Toronto neighbourhoods that could serve an investor targeting families well, we have collected what we think are the ones that position investors into attracting the most Rockwellian of Families.

Below Canadian Real Estate Wealth has provided you, our loyal readership with an overview of each neighbourhood’s essential characteristics, , and demographics, amongst other factors, for our selection of Toronto, Ontario’s best communities for families. It’s worth noting that these are in no particular order.

Bedford Park

Bedford Park was initially included in the City of North Toronto in the late 1890s.

Bedford Park is one of the few remaining neighbourhoods in the entire megacity where you can walk at least 30 minutes in any given direction and feel safe. This neighbourhood and the surrounding areas have long stood as safe, family-friendly communities.

It’s been a well-regarded neighbourhood since the second world war. A drive-around this community shows that to be evident as its chock-a-block full of small houses, wartimers as they’re referred to, when most houses in Toronto were built or, to expropriate a word used to describe wines, their vintage.

The schools in the Bedford Park community are amongst the finest in the city and have been well-regarded for generations. The park system is quite lovely, beginning in the flower park tucked behind John Locke Library. This takes you through the city via excellent trails ending at a marvel of Mother Nature, Lake Ontario. It is the ultimate family adventure but any further south and you’d end up in the drink!

The Beaches

Top Family-Friendly Investment Areas In Toronto

Due to its four namesake beaches along Lake Ontario, The Beaches, usually referred to as just “The Beach” by locals, is most frequently thought of as a tourist destination. However, this Toronto suburb is a great place to raise a family for several important reasons.

Queen Street East, between Coxwell Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue, and Lake Ontario to the south are the boundaries of the region. Located south of East York on Toronto’s east end, The Beaches isn’t too far from the city core.

Residents can reach downtown Toronto in approximately 20 minutes by car, or hop on the red rocket for a 45-55 minute train or bus ride.

In addition to the obvious beaches, there are a ton of parks and trails, with Woodbine Beach being arguably the most family-friendly of them all.

The stretch of cafes and restaurants along Queen Street East is lovely to stroll down with the family.

The region is home to a diverse, active community with a wide range of year-round events, including the Winter Stations Outdoor Art Show and an annual jazz festival in July. The latter is a wonderful way to put the jam back into an evening fam jam. Queen Street shuts down for pedestrian use only while the music fills the evening air.

Danforth Village

Many families have settled in Danforth Village because of its lively atmosphere and accessibility to some of Toronto’s best schools, parks, and shopping.

The neighbourhood is varied and home to everyone from students to young urban professionals.

The latter is a distinguishing feature of the community; Danforth Avenue is one of the best-known retail areas in the city, but it’s also known as Toronto’s Greektown. Investors take note; tenants will find a wide variety of delectable eateries, cafés, and supermarkets throughout the area.

Danforth Village, in particular, has a lot to offer families. Younger children will thrive there because of its tree-lined streets and charming homes, and parents will like its ease.

Danforth Village is renowned for its excellent shopping, but it also has a ton of parks, schools, and other family-friendly features.

There are approximately eleven public schools in the vicinity, including Chester Elementary School, Westwood Middle School, and East York Collegiate Institute.

The Neighbourhood also boasts Monarch Park which contains a good recreation centre with an ice rink, wading pool, and swimming pool. This is regarded by many as the gem of the neighbourhood’s amenity spaces. Danforth Village is also close to a public library, a gym, and a number of sports fields, for all of you sporty spices out there.

Top Family-Friendly Investment Areas In Toronto

Bloor West Village

Scoring high in categories like Housing, Safety, Shopping, Health, and Employment, Bloor West Village, or BWV for short, is a neighbourhood that seems to have it all.

This charming part of west Toronto has a lovely variety of buildings. Along Bloor Street West, there are welcoming stores. The fact that “Toronto’s Central Park,” often referred to as the community’s High Park, is so easily accessible makes it by far the nicest feature.

This public park of 400 acres is amazing. People from all around Toronto wander through the beautiful haven along Grenadier Pond during the Cherry Blossom season in the spring.

Shakespeare in the Park at the High Park Amphitheatre is a must-do excursion. It’s a common picnic locale for families to enjoy. As a bonus, Yogi Bear has never been spotted in Bloor West Village!

In Conclusion,

As you can see, the City of Toronto, or The Six, to use the phrase coined by rap superstar and famous Torontonian, Drake, has a vast range of family-friendly housing options across the city.

In fact, in practically every corner there’s something to entice families– whether in the heart of Downtown or closer to the outer limits. Still, finding family-friendly housing isn’t always easy, which is why as an investor wanting to rent to families, knowing how to and where to target those folks is key.

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